If you want to start your business or achive some other aim
there is no need to have a large income or a large initial payment.


Who we are and what we offer

ONMARK LTD has human resources, expert knowledges of the market , professionalism and enough business activity that helps to create a unique investment possibility for our customers. In 2014 our corporation creates Primers project, so each person can became a partner of ONMARK corporation.

Primers deals with development and distribution of innovative projects for you business. Primers helps you to became a master of your life.

Partner program
is now available for everyone

From the moment of its foundation ONMARK LTD works with the big investors, so the activity of the corporation always was interesting for many people.

The leaders of corporation decided to begin the partners program, which will be available for any person. Now each one who wishes can become a parter of the company, develop his own business and make better his financial situation. ONMARK LTD finances the start stage of the majority of perspective projects.

Our philosophy

Above all Primers is created for people who work at this corporation, for the future generations and community. And — the most important thing — for the customers who will be proud that they have chosen this corporation and this service. The leaders of the corporation are always ready to meet the wishes of their partners, creating new services and making the existing ones better.

Our aims

- Widening and making better the product mix
- quickening of the growth of our partners income
- growth of the competitiveness on a global market
- Stability and protection of the partners income
- The growth of profit on investment
- acknowledgement of the organization as a leader of innovations

These aims must be real. In this case they can be a source of the behaviour motivation.


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