Mercy is in the forefront

Each of us thought about the question how we can help those people who can not be responcible for their own lives or have a rough time. Each of us feel compassion seeing somebody who needs help. It is normal and humanly. It is mercy.

Onmark, Ltd.

Onmark, Ltd. is a team of merciful people. There are no insiders and outsiders, but there are destinies and lives of those who need help. We appreciate the importance of a charitable act and try to act immediately. First of all, our actions deal with help to orphaned children, that have no parents. Now they live in orphanages and boarding schools. And we work closely with these organizations. But each of these children dreams about his own house and family. Onmark, Ltd. also provides support to people and families with children that are in tight situation now because of a twist of fate.

Each problem can be solved and here we truly believe in this and do what we can. Different charity programs is a main part of Onmark, Ltd. activities.

Our activity begins with particular actions and extends to the financial support of charity funds all over the world. In Onmark, Ltd. we always know one simple thing: "To be charitable means to cherish other people whatever the cost. And we do this.


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